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European Sports Care is a dedicated Sports and Exercise Medicine clinic that specialises in the management of injuries related to sport and musculoskeletal problems. The clinic also provides guidance and treatment in problems associated with sports, exercise and physical activity. This includes promoting the health benefits of physical activity and using it to help reduce obesity, morbidity of arthritis and disability.


European SportsCare is led by specialists who are well-known nationally and internationally in the field of Sports and Exercise Medicine. All our specialists have close association with elite professional sports clubs including Premiership football clubs, Olympic teams and professional dancers.


We understand the importance for every individual to return to their previous level of activity as soon as possible whether an athlete or an individual suffering from a work-related musculo-skeletal problem.



We are located at:

European SportsCare

68 Harley Street



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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

For Dr Nat Padhiar

Secretary: Mairin Mcguinness

Tel/Fax: 0208 504 4546 (Secretary)

E-mail: admin@londonsportswise.co.uk


For Dr Nikos Malliaropoulos

Secretary: Claire Connolly Appointments Tel: 020 7790 9989 ( Also a fax),



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