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Dev Pyne


Contact number

0208 223 8518


Contact email

Via secretary:  susan.lawrence@bartshealth.nhs.uk


Job title:

Consultant Rheumatologist/Clinical Lead

Honorary Senior Lecturer in Rheumatology and Sports and Exercise Medicine



Primary location

Royal London Hospital (Mile End Hospital site)



Specialities (eg: Neuro-ophthalmology, Neurology



Clinics (eg: Heart Failure Clinic, Fracture Clinic)

General Rheumatology clinics (Mon AM, Fri AM), Lupus (SLE) clinic (Wed AM) , Sports Injuries Clinic (Mon PM, Thurs PM). Multidisciplinary Sports/Exercise Clinic (2nd Mon evening each month) All clinics at Mile End Hospital site except Fri clinic at Newham Hospital.



Dr Pyne graduated from Cambridge University (preclinical) and Barts and The Royal London Medical School (clinical) with Distinction (Honours). He undertook junior doctor training in London gaining his consultant qualifications in Rheumatology/General Medicine in 2003. After his UK training he acquired further experience in Melbourne , Australia in rheumatology, neurology and renal medicine for a year. He undertook further training in joint/tendon injections including ultrasound techniques in Oxford and at the Institute of Anatomy, Munich in 2011.

In 2004 he was appointed as Consultant Rheumatologist at The Royal London Hospital and became Rheumatology Lead in 2008. At merger of Royal London, Barts, Whipps and Newham Hospitals in 2012 he was appointed the Department Lead for Rheumatology on all sites for the newly created Barts Health Trust, now the largest NHS Trust in the UK. He now leads a department of 18 consultants across 4 sites.

Dr Pyne heads one of the largest lupus services in the UK , which has been assessed by NHS England as meeting its quality standards for a specialist national centre. He is also the Clinical Lead for the Sports and Exercise service at Barts run at Mile End site.

He is Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of London, QMUL for Rheumatology and Sports Medicine and is involved in teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students and is an examiner for the University of London MBBS examination.

He is active in research in lupus and sports injuries and has given presentations on both subspecialist areas at international rheumatology and sports conferences.

His professional memberships include British Society of Rheumatology, British Society of Sports and Exercise Medicine and Royal College of Physicians. He is  a certified  acupuncturist by the British Medical Acupuncture Society. He has been an expert advisor to NICE for their Medical Technologies Advisory Committee.



Dr Pyne’s research interests are in:

1. LUPUS- currently international studies on biologic therapies (BLISS-LN, EMBRACE) and national studies on new drug safety (BILAGBR). He also leads local studies on lupus in ethnic minorities results of which have been presented at recent international rheumatology (ACR) and renal conferences (ASN).

2. SPORTS INJURIES- currently principle investigator in national trials on Achilles tendinopathy treatment and sciatica


He has been the Principle Assessor for the British Medical Association  UK Research Grants in Rheumatology.


Primary publications (include any professional publications that you have written and contributed to during the past 5 years only)




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Editorial  Pyne D  British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine. BASEM Today Dec 2013 25(2)



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